Understand More On Garbage Disposal Basics

Having an in-sink garbage disposal at your fingertips is great for most people. They make cleaning up during food preparation a breeze and to clean up after a meal. When you clean off plates or pans you do not have to worry over clogged sinks from food pieces left over. A sink garbage disposal is convenient and one appliance that is being added to newer homes. You may be thinking of adding one to your kitchen or upgrading your old one. Here are some things for you to consider.

In-sink Garbage Disposal Basics

Most garbage disposals work about the same way. The workings involve a flat plate, steel mashers that turn, an inner wall with teeth. These teeth grind the food in the disposal until it is waste. There is a small electric motor to make the unit work when you switch it on. The disposal takes only seconds to grind the food. You should not run the disposal after the food has ground but keep your water running when it is and about another 30 seconds after.

Types of Garbage Disposals

Continuous feed garbage disposals have become the most popular for new homes. This disposal works with a plate, mashers, teeth and it sheds the food so it can fall into small holes and then the food particles are sent out by way of the drainpipe.These units have a rubber shield at the top. This shield is to prevent food particles escape out of the disposal. There is a stopper so the sink will allow you to hold water for other chores, if you are not using your disposal.

Batch Feed Disposals

Batch feed disposals and continuous feed disposals work in the same way, with their only difference been how they are turned on. A batch feed disposal is turned on by using a special stopper. The stopper is placed in the opening and then turned to activate this disposal. It is important that this works properly, and if there is any issue, it can be repaired.

Garbage Disposal in Dishwasher

These disposal units are in your dishwasher to grind up food particles there. You will have this inside your dishwasher or, if not, you can connect your sink disposal to your dishwasher for a great pairing of the units.There are things that will jam up your dishwasher. These things can get stuck between the inside wall and the spinning plate. It is not an easy task to repair your garbage disposal, so you should call an appliance repair professional in Whitby to do these repairs.

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