What Are The Other Things To Consider Before Buying A Microwave

Apart from the basic features of a microwave, there are plenty of other things to consider. Here are a few:

#1: Aesthetics

Your new microwave needs to fit in, but do you want it to match your other appliances? Or would you rather have a pop of color?Replacing a built-in microwave may need a redesign of the space or same-model replacement. You need to consider the convenience of placement, aka which spaces you are willing to sacrifice to make way for your new microwave

#2: Size Does Matter

It is important to check how much space do you have available for your new microwave. If it’s a built-in microwave, you need the perfect size considering will your regular plates, pans, etc. fit inside?

#3: Cooking Time

This is another factor because the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time. Thus, you need to see if the minimum should be 1,000 watts. If it is lower, read reviews to ensure the unit will still last a lot of cooking.

#4: Lifespan

It is important that the microwave lasts for 10 to 12 years. Be sure to read reviews for any model you’re considering. Eventually, it will need to be replaced so focus more on other features you requirement

#5: Cost

If you want a basic microwave, it should be able to come in lower than $100. Higher expenses need to be expected with any model that isn’t a countertop but with a built-in or over-the-range models, a costlier choice will be worth it.

#6: Settings

The necessity of this comes down to personal preference. Popcorn and defrost are the most common settings that people look for. In costlier models, you will find a wide variety to explore such as convention, grill and bake settings.

#7: Sound

Some microwaves are louder than others. Giving the model you wish to buy a test run is always a good idea. If that is not an option: read online reviews or check for potential decibel ratings in the description

#8: Safety Concerns

There is no scientific proof that microwaves cause cancer or remove nutrients from your food. However, hey can be a fire hazard if not used properly. Thus, children should always be under supervision when using them and make sure that you check the reviews for warnings.

#9: Ventilation (Over-The-Range Microwaves)

Few models have ever gotten brownie points for ventilation. But Consumer Reports have reviewed different models, so you can give a read for better decision making.

Other Popular Features:

#1: Inverter Technology: This offers an option to cook food evenly on lower temperatures but is not as versatile as convection units.

#2: The Lockout Feature: Set up a code to keep your children from using the microwave.

#3: Combine Microwave with Other Appliances: This is a good idea while remodeling the kitchen. You can save money and space and speed up installation process.

As you can see, there’re many variables that come into play as you choose the microwave that fits you best. In the end, it comes down to you and what you need and want. And when you need any consultation or repairs, call in the professional appliance repair services in Whitby.

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