Appliance Repairs, Installations & Maintenance in Whitby

If you are dealing with an appliance malfunction and you need fast and expert appliance repair in Whitby, call the appliance repair professionals at Appliance Repair Express. Our expert technicians have over three decades of combined experience in Whitby and offer the most up-to-date, technology savvy appliance repairs in the business today. Because of our reputation, we have been the appliance repair service that homeowners turn to when they need fast and reliable appliance repairs in Whitby.

Put Your Repairs in Good Hands

When you call the experts at Appliance Repair Express, you can rest assured that your appliancea are in the best hands possible. If you see any of the following symptoms, you may need the help of an expert.


Your washer is indispensable to your family’s lifestyle. When piles of dirty laundry are building up because of to a washer malfunction, call a washer repair professional. Look for these symptoms:

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking

Clothes not getting clean

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking

Water leaking


As much as you may remember grandma hanging out laundry and that great smell of fresh air on your clothing with fondness, realistically, hanging laundry on the line was labor intensive and simply not much fun, especially during those times of inclement weather. Watch for these symptoms of a dryer malfunction:

Dryer is making loud noises


Drum won’t turn

Clothing is not drying completely

Clothing is being damaged in dryer

Dryer won’t turn on


When it comes to your household appliances, the refrigerator may just be the most important appliance in your house. Your refrigerator runs continuously to keep food fresh so when it malfunctions, it can feel like an emergency. Look for these symptoms of refrigerator malfunction:

Refrigerator continuously runs

Condensation forming inside the unit

Exterior moisture build up

Leaking water

Cannot maintain consistent  temperature

Frost or ice building up

Icemaker or water dispenser malfunctioning


If your oven isn’t cooking consistently or your baked goods are falling flat, an oven malfunction may be the culprit. Look for these symptoms that may mean you need to call for a professional oven repair:

Won’t heat on bake setting

Won’t heat on broil setting

Uneven or inconsistent heating

Oven won’t program

Element is burnt out

Timer won’t advance

Gas ignitor won’t light

Door won’t open after self-clean cycle


Do you miss hand washing your dishes? We didn’t think so. Call a professional when you begin to see these signs of dishwasher malfunction:

Dishwasher is noisier than usual

Dishwasher is leaking

Dishwasher won’t start

Door latch won’t engage

Detergent won’t dispense

Dishes aren’t getting clean

The unit is not draining

The unit is not filling

Dishes still wet after dry cycle

Wash cycle is too long


Today, homeowners tend to take the microwave for granted. And because they are less costly than ever before, you may want to replace a unit instead of repair it. But what it a repair could be done quickly and cost-effectively? Call your appliance repair technician in Whitby when you are seeing the following:

Not heating

The control panel buttons don’t work

Sparks when cooking

Runs and then stops

Interior plate doesn’t spin


Grinding up food waste in the kitchen makes our modern garbage disposal a convenient kitchen appliance. Until it stops working. Consider calling your Whitby appliance repair expert if you encounter the following:

Need to constantly set reset button

Disposal won’t operate

Offensive odors coming from unit

Continually clogs

Makes loud metallic noises


Professional Installation Services

Not only do we offer superior repair services but we also offer full and professional installations of all appliances you may have purchased or need moved during a renovation. Many appliance stores don’t do full installations because of liability, primarily when the installation requires water or gas hook-up. When you call us, you can be assured that your appliances are being installed correctly by certified and experienced technicians.

Regular Appliance Maintenance and Inspections

At Appliance Repair Express, we believe periodic maintenance of your appliances will ensure that they live out their lifespans with effective operation and efficiency. We offer a full menu of customizable appliance maintenance options that can be tailored to your needs and your specific appliances. Periodic inspection and maintenance of your appliances can prevent nearly 90% of repair calls. Proper maintenance will also improve the overall efficiency of your appliances so your appliances can run at their most fuel efficient.

If you are dealing with a malfunctioning household appliance and you need fast and reliable appliance repair services in Whitby, call the experts at Appliance Repair Express. We will come to your home fully prepared with any parts and tools necessary to fix almost any appliance in your home reasonably and quickly. Call us today to see how having the best quality and most experienced appliance repair technicians in Whitby can be a lifesaver when you are experiencing an appliance breakdown.