How Can I Fix A Jammed Garbage Disposal?

A home owner who experienced an interruption in a working appliance may be wondering if they can fix the issue themselves instead of calling an appliance repair professional in Whitby. Maybe it is the disposal that suddenly stopped running and now only him when the switch is activated. This is normally a sign that the disposal is actually jammed and can easily be fixed without the help of a professional.

Here are a few steps that you can take as a homeowner in order to fix a disposal unit that has jammed.

Step 1: always turn off the unit before working on it. While you are there, shut off the water as well.

Step 2: take a look inside your unit using a flashlight. Whether you see something down there or not, do not stick your hand down inside of the garbage disposal unit. Instead, use a set of tongs to remove the debris that you may see.

Step 3: If you are not able to see anything inside the unit, check underneath the unit as well. in the center of the unit on the bottom, use an Allen wrench in the hole provided to remove the bottom lid so you can take a look inside if the disposal from that end.

Step 4: moves the blades around using your tongs. You will do this to check for any debris that may be stopping the movement.

Note: some units do not have a way to open the unit from the bottom. You will then need to use a broom handle to stick through the sink into the garbage disposal unit. You will want to position the handle tightly against the blades and work the handle back and forth until they are able to move freely.

Step 5: Reset the garbage disposal unit. Look around your unit to find the reset button. For many units, this is found on the bottom of the unit

Step 6: turn on your garbage disposal unit. Turn the water back on and then turn on the power to your unit. Repeat the procedure until the unit is clear and free.

Whether you realize it or not, your garbage disposal unit is very important to you and your family. It saves you time in the kitchen, keeps some type of organization to it, and it also gives you a place to put your food scraps as they become an issue. Your garbage disposal will need to be replaced once it stops working on you but you don’t want that day to come sooner rather than later. You need it to be as far away as possible. Do your research prior to purchasing your first garbage disposal so you get the right unit for your kitchen needs.

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