8 Steps To A Better Performing Washer

Any appliance works better when it has been maintained properly. The washing machine demands completion of at least 8 simple tasks, in order to provide the homemaker that uses it with a steady supply of clean garments and linens. Some of those tasks need to be carried out each time that another load gets washed. Others can be done periodically.

5 things to keep in mind each time that you do another load

• Do not overload the machine. That forces it to work harder than it has been designed to do. It also encourages you to pour in an added amount of detergent; that is a dangerous practice.
• Make sure to use the right detergent. If you have a front-loading washer, you ought to use a low sudsing, HE (high efficiency) detergent.
• Use care when measuring out the detergent. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not use too much or too little of that powdery soap.
• Leave the door open after finishing a load. This lets the washer’s tub dry out as quickly as possible.
• Put the clean garments and linens in the dryer as soon as possible. This helps to prevent the formation of mold and mildew within the tub. If you put the wet items on the top of the dryer, before tossing them into the dryer’s drum, then make a point of wiping that top surface periodically. If you do not, it will start to collect a corrosive soap residue.

This hastens the rate at which the wrinkles in the wet garments and linens go away. The damp atmosphere in the dryer hastens the rate at which that takes place.

3 jobs that you should perform at least once a month

Inspect the hoses at the back of the washing machine; make sure that none of them has cracked or torn. Clean the interior of the washing machine, as well as the dispenser. Just switch on with an empty load, using couple of cups of vinegar. Halfway through the wash cycle add half a cup of the soapy detergent. This helps to clean the interior surfaces. You might want to air out the room, after the washer’s cycle has ended.

Wipe down the appliance’s tub, door and gasket. Use a clean cloth and a solution that is 1 part water and 1 part vinegar. If necessary, air out the room once you have completed the monthly wipe-down. Additionally, you can call on the appliance repair expert in Whitby to get this done.

The benefits enjoyed by the homemaker that completes all 8 of the above steps

The washing machine does not get pushed to work harder than it was designed to work. Consequently, its lifetime will not be cut short. This helps the homemaker to appreciate the degree to which the washer and dryer act in tandem.

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